Kristen Middleton

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When Mia James is hired to cater a lavish, high-profile bachelor party in the Caribbean, she never dreamed she'd find romance on the high seas, especially with billionaire playboy Damian Stryker. Nor did she anticipate the frightening turn of events that would place the lives of everyone on board in jeopardy.

After being forced into early retirement, professional baseball pitcher, Damian Stryker, takes advantage of his recent inheritance and hosts a bachelor party on his million-dollar yacht. Meanwhile, he finds himself wanting to taste more than just Mia James's cooking, and things heat up quickly between the two. It seems like the perfect week-long getaway, until he receives an unexpected phone call and everything comes crashing down on him.  

Adult situations, language, and violence.

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Bestselling author of Horror, Fantasy, and Romance

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