Paxton VS

The Undead


Meet Paxton. A man who barely survived a plane crash and is now slapped in the face with a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, Paxton hasn't been out of his apartment for the last year, due to his Agoraphobia. But, he knows that the only way to survive this horror is to leave the safety of his home, whether he likes it or not. Especially, since Coborn's no longer delivers....

Dark humor, profanity, and violence. 


USA  Today and New York Times Bestselling author of romance, fantasy, horror, and mystery.


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Looking for Lainey

Now Available for Kindle Unlimited!

 Your worst nightmare as a parent - having your child stolen when your back is turned.
What lengths would you go to get your son or daughter back?
An eight-year-old girl abducted by sex traffickers.
A distraught mother riddled with guilt for taking her eyes off of her daughter.
A man close to both of them... guilty as sin.

Psychic Carissa Jones is once again pulled into a case, this one involving the sordid world of child trafficking.